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2nd Annual Moley Mile benefitting The Second Step

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The legend of Tim Moley will forever be cemented in running history with the first annual Moley Mile Virtual Run. 


You can run 26.2, 13.1, 6.2, 3.1, or any other distance, we're not sticklers.  Besides, we have no way of knowing if you run or hitched your Garmin to a train.

Your last mile should be your fastest. If not the fastest, then with the hardest effort.

You can join the Strava event here.

You must complete your Moley Mile by the end of July and post a picture to the Boston Buddies Facebook group.

NOTE: Medals will be shipped at the end of July.,   All proceeds to The Second Step, a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence.


Tim Moley is a runner from Long Island New York.  In 2017 he tore his meniscus while training for the Boston Marathon.  However, that didn't stop him!  He ran the Boston Marathon that year on crutches.  And in typical Moley fashion, just before the finish line he threw away his crutches, dropped down, and did 10 push-ups on the finish line. 

If that wasn't enough in March of 2018, Moley had full knee replacement surgery and was told his running career was over.  Moley wasn't having it.  He set a goal to run the Erie marathon and said he was going to BQ.  Well, to the surprise of all the medical experts, that's exactly what he did.  Only 6 months after surgery he ran a 3:33:57, good enough for a 6:03 BQ and securing his spot in the 2019 marathon.

The Moley Mile was born days after his Erie performance when the Boston Buddies dedicated their training runs to him and we made a goal to make our last mile our fasted.  Coining the term 'Moley Mile'.  

Everyone can now join in the fun and run the first annual Moley Mile as a replacement for the Boston Marathon this year.  Everyone that signs up will get the first official Moley Mile medal!  

Join the world on this historic weekend and get out there run your ass off.  Don't let your Boston Marathon training go to waste!  Keep training.  Post your Garmin or Strava on the Boston Buddies event page!  And whatever you do, save something for that last mile!


All proceeds will go to The Second Step, a Boston Based charity that helps victims of domestic violence.  We are sponsoring Fitz Koehler for the 2021 Boston Marathon and 100% of the proceeds will go to her fundraising efforts.  To learn more about the Second Step please click here.


This is a virtual race so you can run anywhere.   Please track it with your Garmin or other running device.    

If you're on a treadmill you can follow the Boston Marathon course here,